Treadstone Performance is a leading manufacture and distributor for high performance turbocharging parts. Our company manufactures parts for private label companies looking to mass-produce turbo kit components, ie: cast turbo manifolds, intercoolers, aluminum charge piping, stainless downpipes, cast MAF adapters, cast intake manifolds...etc Our clientele include some of the top names in the turbocharger industry. We strive to give our customers great pricing and quality products, keeping them on the leading edge of the performance turbocharging industry.

Investment Cast Manufacturing, CAD and Solidworks Design

We have engineers, CAD/CAM and Solid Works professionals on hand to aid in the research and development for any of your projects. No project is to small for us!

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Rapid Prototype 3D Printing

The Spectrum Z510 Full Color System produces high-definition, full-color prototypes quickly and affordably. Superior printing technology creates parts with crisply defined features, enhanced accuracy, and precise color, so you can print and evaluate physical models of design concepts in their nearly finished state. Rapid 3D printing of high-definition models means you no longer have to wait for prototypes. This unique, 24-bit color, 3D printing capability produces color models that accurately reflect your original design data. Color models communicate more information than any other type of rapid prototype, providing you with a strategic advantage in product development.

Intercooler design manufacturing

Our main line up which started it all, custom Treadstone intercoolers. With many of our intercoolers on the market today, along with many of our private label intercoolers sold in turbo kits, we have proven our quality and reliability time and time again. Excellent quality, highly efficient fin designs, bar and plate construction, custom cast endtanks, logo branding, perfect tig welds, we can make it happen for you! Weather its mass manufacturing or short run one off custom intercoolers we have the capabilities to manufacture what ever you want! All you have to do is send us a sketch of the intercooler and we can give you a quote. Contact us for more info.

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Click here to download our Custom Intercooler Design Ordering Sheet

Turbo manifold design manufacturing

Tired of welding tubular or log manifolds for your turbo kit? We can cast any type of manifold and save you money in the process. We can manufacture log to tubular style manifolds, as well as custom cast downpipes, and O2 housings. Our cast manifolds come with a lifetime warranty! Please contact for more info.
We are now casting in 304 stainless steel for the ultimate in durability and appearance!

Intercooler Custom Welding Jobs

Due to the demand of customers wanting custom intercoolers, we can now custom fabricate one-off intercoolers for smaller jobs. Send us a sketch for a quote

Click here to download our Custom Intercooler Design Ordering Sheet

Laser Cutting, CNC Milling, Press Brake, Robotic Tig Welding

Although many of our large scale manufacturing process are contracted out, we have dealt with many manufactures over the years and developed great relationships with companies providing these service. Take the guess work out of searching for reputable manufacture when we offer a full service manufacturing option on every part of a turbo kit. Why risk a defective product dealing with companies over seas or 1000's of miles away where you have to modify or even scrap a part as well as long lead times. We committed to developing quality parts at reasonable prices. We offer private labeling and branding for all product lines, with full non disclosure. We can private label every part we manufacture giving your parts a full company branded look. We are in the business of automotive turbocharging so we know what it takes to research and develop new parts in the industry…..

Aluminum piping design manufacturing

Want to upgrade your charge pipes from steel to aluminum? Want to outsource your pipe welding and jigging work? We can save you time and money, and provide you with a great product! We manufacture charge pipes for any project! Beautiful tig welds, bead roll ends, and quality 6061 aluminum sets are piping kits differnet from the rest. We only use top quality alloy in all of our aluminum pipes. Please contact for more info.

Stainless Steel design manufacturing

We can custom manufacture a wide range of stainless steel exhaust components, from full mufflers systems, turbocharger downpipes, and headers. 304 stainless steel used exclusively.

Silicone Hose Manufacturing

Not only do we offer just about everything for a custom turbo kit, silicone can be manufactured with your company logo. From your standard coupler, to complex intake hoses and radiator hoses. Excellent pricing, direct from the manufacture!

Powder Coating, and Ceramic Coating Services

Powder coating services available for all of our aluminum, and stainless pipes, email for a quote:

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