The do it your self fuel pump rewiring kit! Rewire your stock light gauge fuel pump wiring with low resistance, 10g or 12g wire and quality automotive relay. This kit includes everything you would need to rewire your stock fuel pump wiring when upgrading or adding an inline pump. In some cases the factory pump wiring may not be suitable to handle the current draw of the TRE 340lph series pumps or higher volume inline pumps like the Bosch 044 or the walbro. To achieve and maintain the desired 340lph of flow at the current draw, we recommend installing heavier 10 or 12 gauge wire direct from the alternator.

We offer 2 Fuel pump wiring kits, an upgrade and a heavy duty kit. The upgrade is for single pumps under 340lph, used on the 340lph and 300lph and 255lph fuel pumps from Walbro Deatschwerks and Aeromotive, this upgrade kit uses 12 gauge wires. We recommend the heavy duty kit for the Walbro 400lph, external inline pumps like the Bosch or Walbro or Aeromotive, and any set up using dual intake fuel pumps 255lph each and up, this set up uses 10 gauge wires.

The high-flow in-tank fuel pumps, and inline pumps such as the Bosch 044, need a steady supply of voltage to safely provide additional fuel. Rewiring the fuel pump with a larger gauge wire will help any fuel pump maintain higher fuel pressure/volume throughout it's entire operating range. The small wire limits the voltage to the pump, and under high boost, the lower voltage can severely affect fuel output. Adding a larger wire and relay to feed the pump can restore the voltage to that of the battery (usually 13-14V), maximizing pump output.

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Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
TRE-FPWU Upgrade Kit 12g $41.95/ea
TRE-FPWH Heavy Duty kit 10g $52.45/ea
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