Would you like an additional 28whp with just a simple bolt on, and have the potential for more? Seems to good to be true, at Treadstone we specialize in exceeding our customers expectation!

“I am pleased 😀 to have picked up another 28hp with my new Treadstone Intercooler. Last year the car made 470 awhp on the motor alone and made 505 awhp when we hit the nitrous intercooler strayer with the old Hyperflow intercooler. This year the car made 498 awhp on the motor and then 507 awhp when we hit the nitrous intercooler sprayer (it was cold and the bottle had no pressure, so I’d expect to see around 525 with bottle pressure.)
– Ben”

As many of the die hard Treadstoners know our STI intercooler has the largest surface area available on the market, giving it the highest potential for horsepower production. We have raised the bar in front mount intercoolers for your WRX with a massive 4.5″ deep core, 28″ long and 10.5″ high making this the new benchmark intercooler! Capable of flowing 938cfm at 1.5psi pressure loss, this unit is efficient up to 900hp without breaking a sweat! With many of our private label intercoolers already on the market today, this unit is tried and tested on the track and the strip by many of the top names in Subaru tuning.
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