The bomb has landed and the news is out, Treadstone Performance Engineering has blown the competition away with this one. The latest release to the Treadstone line up is our massive front mount intercooler kit available for the WRX STi. Treadstone Performance Engineering raised the bar in front mount intercoolers for your WRX with a massive 4.5″ deep core, 28″ long and 10.5″ high making this the new benchmark intercooler! Capable of flowing 938cfm at 1.5psi pressure loss, this unit is efficient up to 900hp without breaking a sweat! With many of our private label intercoolers already on the market today, this unit is tried and tested on the track and the strip by many of the top names in Subaru tuning. Forget about heat soak with this monster, you can run on the track all day with out ever worrying of loosing horse power due to heat soak. We have field tested this with efficiencies of up to 95%!
Incorporated into the design is a front frame brace which takes place of the bumper support and maintains front structural integrity of your vehicle. Our intercooler core uses top quality pure aluminum alloy making our intercooler lighter than the competition even with a larger overall size!

The Treadstone name has become synonymous with quality intercoolers over the past few years, and we pride our selves on it! We manufacture our bar and plate cores with strict guidelines, and are specifically designed to maximize cooling using the most surface area possible in any given space. Our cores give the perfect balance between heat exchanging efficiency and flow. Our internal fin structure design is top notch, and is where the most important changes can be made to enhance the cooling rate. Treadstone intercooler cores feature a high heat-dissipating “Inner fin” design. This is ideal for medium to high boost levels on higher horsepower or upgraded turbo engines. The larger internal surface area provides superior cooling efficiency for radiating excessive heat and minimizing heat soak. In general, these design characteristics is what gives Treadstone Intercoolers the leading edge in intercooler technology.

Treadstone Performance gives you the options of colored pipes; Suby Blue, Murdered out Black, Crinkle Red, and Polished. All pipes color options are powder coated with a crinkle finish for easy cleaning and to show less smudges and dirt.

Also this is not a kit for stock location turbos, how ever you can still adapter the rotated mount kit piping to connect to stock turbo location. Extra pipes that will be needed are 1-2.5″ to 2″ 45 silicone, 1-2″ Aluminum 90, and 1-2″ Silicone 90

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