Subaru WRX STi Intercooler & Piping kit

introducing our infamous Subaru WRX STi intercooler kit. This heavyweight is measured at 28" x 4.5" x 10.5" and can handle up to 900 HP and 938 CFM flow rate at 1.5 PSI pressure drop without even coming close to over-stressing your engine. Our kit has been tried true by some of the industries best tuners on both track and strip and is private labeled across the world. We've designed our kit to relieve the threat of heat soaking: making it the last worry on your mind.


Subaru WRX STI Intercooler 900HP

Subaru WRX STI Intercooler 900HP. The bomb has landed and the news is out, we have blew the competition away with this one. The latest release to the Treadstone line up is our massive front mount intercooler kit available for the WRX STi.


WRX Sti Intercooler Core

Same intercooler core that we use in our Sti turbo kit! We have raised the bar in front mount intercoolers for your WRX with a massive 4.5in deep core, 28in long and 10.5in high making this the new benchmark intercooler! Capable of flowing 938cfm at 1.5psi pressure loss, this unit is efficient up to 900hp without breaking a sweet!


Treadstone EWRX Intercooler Endtank

Treadstone EWRX Intercooler Endtank. Designing your own intercooler? Well take the hassle out of cutting and welding sheet metal endtanks, with our cast aluminum endtanks!


Subaru WRX 2015-2019 Front Mount Intercooler Kit

Front Mount intercooler kit with bumper bar, sold with TR8 Or TR1035( TR8 500whp, TR1035 700 whp)


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