Our Nissan Spec V turbo kit is finally here! With almost a year of testing, design and engineering, our turbo kit is rated one of the best and most versatile turbo kit available for the Spec-V, making the most horsepower and torque in its class! (in 2006) Our kit uses top quality components with no corners cut. Our lightweight 6061 aluminum charge piping is digitized and mandrel bent on a CNC mandrel bender, this ensures dead on accurate production tolerances and to be free from welds when possible. The downpipe is a one piece design made from 304 stainless steel and hand tig welded to perfection! T-bolt clamps and quality 3 ply high temp silicone used on all bead rolled piping, this ensures a leak free seal to be free from boost leaks, and you'll never have pipe blow off under high boost pressures. Quality aerospace grade reusable aluminum fittings, and stainless braided oil lines insure proper turbo oil supply and drain.

Jim Wolf reflash for 02-03 Sentra Turbo kits. Uprev osiris Tuning software now available for sentra turbo systems 04 and up, call for more info 888-789-4586, OR CLICK HERE

Components List:
  • Turbonetics T3/T4, ball bearing upgrade available $350 extra
  • Tial F38 Wastegate
  • Treadstone 347 Stainless Steel Cast Turbo Manifold
  • Treadstone TR8 Intercooler with brackets
  • Treadstone Polished Aluminum Pipe Kit
  • Treadstone MAF adapter
  • Treadstone Silicone and T-bolts Clamp kit
  • Treadstone 304 Stainless Steel Downpipe (removes first cat)
  • Treadstone Oil Kit
  • Tial Blow off Valve, Greddy/HKS/Turbonetics also available
  • Treadstone Air Filter
  • Upgraded Fuel injectors with clips
  • Upgraded Spark Plugs
  • Vacuum line, Hardware, Gaskets

    Optional Equipment
    Treadstone Heat shield $79.95
    Treadstone Manual Boost Controller $54.95
    Greddy Electronic Boost controller $399.95
    Ball Bearing Upgrade $340
    GTK turbo upgrade $700-$900
    -$330 SAFC Delete
    -$205 Injectors/clips Delete
    -$175 Blow off valve Delete

    Note:02-03 models we now recommend a Jim Wolf Technologies re flash for $595 04-2012 models we recommend the Osirus UPrev tuning suit for full tuning ability. Although you can still get by with an Apex AFC Neo on 7-8psi, and we have had very good results with this tuning method, some people still want more adjustability. Stainless Steel Cast Turbo manifold
    The latest in bulletproof turbocharging technology, our kit includes a 347 investment cast stainless steel turbo manifold. The high thermal inertia and excellent heat retention of the cast stainless steel manifold, provides the turbocharger with as much thermal energy as possible raising the efficiency of the system, superior to any tubular fabricated manifold. Lifetime warranty on cracking, precision machined mating surfaces for ultimate fit and sealing, high exhaust gas energy for the best turbocharger performance, no ugly rusting common on cast iron manifolds, our Treadstone 347 cast stainless is the latest in cast turbo manifold technology.

    Stainless Steel Downpipe
    Our 2.5" diameter 304 stainless downpipe is manufactured to precise standards, and hand tig welded to perfection. The wastegate is recirculated as far from the turbo outlet as possible, this increases wastegate efficiency and keeps you car sounding great. Includes extra O2 bungs for easy wideband hook up.

    Cast manufactured 304 stainless downpipe flange ensures proper sealing to factory or aftermarket exhaust system.

    Treadstone TR8 Intercooler
    The highly efficient Treadstone TR8 intercooler standard in the kit. Core Size, 7.8" X 22" X 3.5", 760cfm flow rate at 1psi pressure drop.

    Turbocharger and Wastegate
    All of our turbocharging compliment the best in performance turbocharging today! Turbonetics Turbochargers, the pioneer in performance turbocharging! With the knowledge and experience of one of the best names in turbocharging, Treadstone products parallels with quality and reliability, giving you the best products combination in performance turbocharging. Our base turbo kit includes a T3/T4E 50 trim, stage 3 .63. Turbo upgrades, ball bearing upgrades, and GTK upgrades are available, call for more info.

    Intercooler Brackets
    We even make our intercooler brackets from lightweight tig welded aluminum!....quality!

    Treadstone Air filter
    Treadstone high flow filters now standard in all of our turbo kits! Dry filtering element, no oil needed.

    Treadstone Mass Air Flow Adapter
    The Treadstone mass air flow adapter manufactured for this kit was designed to seal under high boost pressures, and incorporates a bead rolled lip to keep couplers from blowing off and a rubber gasket.
    Performance Figures
    The performance figures are amazing, at only 5.5-6psi of boost pressure we were able to attain 271hp and 25ltq at the wheels. These dyno #'s were with no catalytic converters, and 3" catback exhaust.
    Please view dyno runs below.
    Our kit will come with an Apex AFC, one of the best and least expensive way to tune the Nissan spec V. We recommend a qualified tuner to tune the AFC. After installation of the turbo kit, the car can be driven normally, just keep it under 3000K rpm on the way to a tuner or dyno, Please note: You must choose the style BOV you want in your kit, below are the 4 brands that we make flanges for in our kit. HKS will not come standard in the kit, if you do not let us know which BOV you want, it will be up to our discretion. HKS SQV Blow off Valve
    Greddy RS Blow off Valve
    Turbonetics Raptor Blow off Valve
    Tial Q Blow off Valve
    Tial 38mm wastegates available as an upgrade

  • DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap
    with LR Technology
    Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
    TKSPEC23 Base kit Complete, 02-03 $3250.00/ea
    TKSPEC46 Base kit Complete, 04-06 $3250.00/ea
    TREMBC Treadstone Manual Boost Controller $54.95/ea
    BBUPG Ball Bearing Upgrade $340.00/ea
    GREBC GReddy Electronic Boost Controller $399.95/ea
    TREHS Treadstone Heat Shield $79.95/ea
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