SRT4-Revision2. Revised and upgraded kit utilizing a V band downpipe connection and very strong schedule 10 weld el downpipe construction! Also upgraded was the wastegate to the very popular V band MVS by Tial. This turbo upgrade kit for the SRT-4 utilizes the advanced series of Turbonetics and Precision turbochargers.

Treadstone cast manifold

This kit will include our Treadstone cast turbo manifold which carries a lifetime warranty against cracking. The kit is now priced without a turbocharger, this way, you can purchase the turbo kit, and select any turbocharger with the kit. We can adapt any Turbonetics or Precision turbo to this kit, from the Billet wheel CEA turbos that Precision offers, to the popular GTK turbos by Turbonetics.

V band downpipe connection

V band MVS by Tial

This kit will include our Treadstone cast turbo manifold which carries a lifetime warranty against cracking, any Turbonetics turbo, from standard bearing to GTK, Turbonetics wastegate, 304 stainless downpipe with open wastegate dump tube, gaskets, oil lines, and fittings.

The O2 housing features a large 3" outlet throughout for reduced turbo back pressure. The dump tube is a 1.5" pipe which is dumps to atmosphere, this increases wastegate efficiency as well as turbo efficiency by reducing turbine back pressure in the o2 housing.

schedule 10 weld el downpipe

We chose to leave the dump tube open to atmosphere instead of plumbing it into the o2 housing, because this will eliminate any chance of boost spikes in the system. If you do not like the sound of an open dump tube, the best choice is to plumb the end of the dump tube into the 3" test pipe or cat pipe, far down from the o2 housing. We can provide you with a stainless 1.5" 45 degree pipe that can be welded to you exhaust system to close up the open dump.

Turbo options
The kit will be offered with various Turbonetics and Precision turbos from your standard bearing, to ball bearing Billet and GTK. More info on GTK turbos can be found hereGTK Turbochargers

TRE502 50 trim This will be the choice turbo for all of you auto cross time attack guys. This is your basic 50 trim but with a smaller stage 2 turbine wheel compared to the popular stage 3 which is the base turbo that we recommend for all around performance. The TRE502 being that it has a smaller turbine wheel will give almost instantaneous spool up, ideal for coming out of those tight corners. The neck snapping torque produced by this turbo is what makes it ideal for road racing. This turbo supports up to 400whp max, and is comparable to a GTK 325. Precision does not offer a turbo this small.

TRE503 50 trim The base kit will be a 50 trim non ball bearing turbo with stage 3 .63 A/R exhaust. This is one of the most popular turbos for the SRT-4 , and is the base turbo used in many of our turbo kits supporting 47lbs/min. On the SRT-4 this is an excellent choice for great spool up and a massive torque curve. Those of you who want to break the 400whp mark, this is the turbo for you! A comparable Precision turbo would be the 5557, or the latest 5558 with new CEA turbine wheel. or the newly update turbine wheel 5558 This is a billet turbo which actually supports up to 600hp, and is a great billet turbocharger which out flows the cast 50 trim wheels by 15%!

TRE603 60 trim The 60 trim would be the choice for someone wanting to come close to the 500hp mark. Compared to the 50 trim, the spool up will be 200-300 later making less torque down low, but allowing approx 30-40 more Hp on the top end. This turbo has similar specs to a GTK450 and supports 50 lbs/min.This wheel is also compared to the 5858 Precision turbo.

TRE601h 60-1 trim The 60-1 trim has a larger compressor inducer diameter, still utilizing a .63 stage 3 turbine as the 50 and 60 trim, the 60-1 will allow for 500-530whp. The GTK500 would be a comparable turbo. Precision no longer makes a 60mm size compressor wheel, there next step up is the 62mm.

TRE61 T61 trimThis is a T61 compressor wheel with stage 5 .63 turbine. This turbo has similar specs to a GTK550 and can support 600whp. The Precision 6262 would be a good comparable upgrade that supports 700hp with ease.

TRE66 T66 trim Slightly larger compressor wheel than the TRE61, capable of 660whp. The Precision billet wheel 6766 would be the biggest size turbo we would recommend with this kit, supports 900hp.

Kit will include
-Treadstone Cast Manifold
-Treadstone 304 Stainless Schedule 10 weld el Downpipe
-Treadstone V band dump tube
-Turbochargers are now purchased separately from the kit price
-Tial MVS Wastegtae
-Treadstone 38mm 2 bolt to MVS adapter flange
-All gaskets, hardware, oil feed and return lines for installation.

Turbonetics Turbo T3/T4E
50 Trim Stage 3 .63

Precision PT5558 CEA
Street and Race
Turbocharger 590HP

DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap
with LR Technology
Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
TKSRT4 SRT4 Turbo Kit ***NO TURBO*** $968.00/ea
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