Brand New turbo kit for your Honda Accord F22 series engine 94-97, fits header ports (O OO O), and the F22a fits header ports(O O O O) 90-96. Quality components, and excellent prices! Turbonetics turbocharger, Tial F38 wastegate, Treadstone cast manifold, Treadstone intercooler, polished aluminum pipes, silicone and T-bolt clamps.......

All of our turbocharger kits compliment the best in performance turbocharging today! Turbonetics Turbochargers, the pioneer in performance turbocharging! With the knowledge and experience of one of the best names in turbocharging, Treadstone products parallels with quality and reliability, giving you the best products combination in performance turbocharging. All turbos come with a 1 year no questions asked warranty, something no other turbocharger manufacture can do, not even Garrett! You want the best, well here it is!

See below for the component list. No fuel components are included in this kit. We do not sell fuel components on our site, their many routes to take regarding fuel management from bigger injectors, FMU, piggy back controllers to full programmable engine management. Also the downpipe kit will need to be fabricated and welded to fit your exhaust set-up and additional downpipe components may be needed.

  • Turbonetics T3/T4 turbo, 1 year warranty!
  • Tial F38 wastegate
  • Treadstone cast manifold
  • Treadstone TR8 intercooler
  • Treadstone 2.5" Polished aluminum pipe kit
  • Treadstone stainless downpipe kit
  • Treadstone complete oil kit
  • Treadstone silicone and T-bolts
  • High flow air filter, upgradeable to K&N

    Note: We do not supportthe knock off/black market for Blow off valves. Most of you know their are dozens of knock blow off valves on the market mostly found all over ebay. We do not sell any of these generic look a like blow off valves on our site or with any of our turbo kits. We carry almost every major brand name blow off valve, which can be purchased seperatly from the turbo kit. Our turbo kits have provisions for any Greddy/Turbonetics/HKS/Tial blow off valve. Click one of the links below to purchase one with your turbo kit.
    HKS SQV Blow off Valve
    Greddy RS Blow off Valve
    Turbonetics Raptor Blow off Valve
    Tial Q Blow off Valve

    If you do not purchase a blow of valve, the kit will come standard with a Greddy/Turbonetics BOV flange, unless otherwise noted.

  • DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap
    with LR Technology
    Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
    TKAC F22B/H23A $1672.00/ea
    TKHA-BB F22B/H23A Ball Bearing $1980.00/ea
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