HoneyComb MAF Mass Air Meter Airflow Straightener. These small additions to any cold air intake, turbo inlet pipe or anywhere a MAF sensor is located, will greatly improve the MAF readings "fuel trims" that the ECU sees. No more erratic MAF readings, fix lean or rich spikes, increase throttle response, fix idle, all of these can be improved with this $20 upgrade!
-Available in 3", 4" and 4" diameters.
-Slides right into pipe before MAF sensor
-Can be glued, braised, or epoxy'd in.

Actual outside diameter will be .13 less to accommodate the wall thickness of .065 pipe sizes, so the honey comb slides right in with a snug fit.
Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
ACCH50 5" $28.30/ea
ACCH35 3.5" $24.10/ea
ACCH30 3" $20.95/ea
ACCH40 4" $26.20/ea
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