Brand new release from Treadstone Performance, a full 3" Catback exhaust system for for your 07+ Nissan Sentra SER & Spec V. Specifically design for Forced induction applications, this is the only 3" exhaust system available for the 07+ Sentra!

Available in 2.5", and 3" diameters, and in Aluminized and 304 Stainless materials! We recommend the 2.5" for N/A applications and the 3" for forced induction applications to aid in turbo spool up and increased HP. Although some may want to run a 3" on a N/A set up, the benefits will be in top end HP, with a slight loss in mid range power.

Constructed from quality US made materials, and hand welded to perfection. We use magnaflow mufflers, tips and resonators for the best in aftermarket exhaust components.

Below is a dyno of a Treadstone turbocharged B15 Sentra with stock muffler, switching over to our aftermarket catback exhaust system. The restriction on the system nets almost 1.5psi in boost pressure, free'ing up over 35 HP to the wheels!
Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
TKSER257AS 2.5" Aluminized Steel $335.95/ea
TKSER257SS 2.5" 304 Stainless Steel $472.50/ea
TKSER37AS 3" Aluminized Steel $430.50/ea
TKSER37SS 3" Stainless Steel $504.00/ea
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