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02-06 Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC-V Forward Facing Turbo Race Kit

This turbo kit is designed for the Nissan Sentra 02-06


New Spec-V MAF Pipe

Newly designed Spec-V Throttle Pipe with MAF flange features a 3" OD for the guys trying to raise the bar on their QR25DE. You can now raise the boost without having to worry about maxing out the stock MAF sensor with it's larger inside diameter of 2.84. The new pipe connects to the throttle body without using the original MAF housing, giving this pipe a stock sleeper look.


Nissan Sentra SER & Spec V Turbo kit 02-06

Our Nissan Spec V turbo kit is finally here! With almost a year of testing, design and engineering, our turbo kit is rated one of the best and most versatile turbo kit available for the Spec-V, making the most horsepower and torque in its class!


Nissan Spec V Intercooler Piping kit 02-06

Now available in powder coat wrinkle black finish! We only have a few sets of polished piping left in stock, when it is out, it will be replaced fully by the powder coated pieces. Piecing your own turbo kit together.... We have the piping solution for you, take all the guess work out of fabricating and welding pipes. We are offering a complete piping kit which includes all of the intercooler pipes, silicone hoses, T-bolt clamps, and MAF adapter that come in the complete turbo kit. Also includes 3" intake pipe, silicone and clamps. Available with Greddy, AND HKS blow off valve flanges.


Spec V Downpipe

Also being offered is our 304 Stainless Downpipe. Our 2.5" diameter 304 stainless downpipe is manufactured to precise standards, and hand tig welded to perfection. The wastegate is recirculated as far from the turbo outlet as possible, this increases wastegate efficiency and keeps you car sounding great. Includes extra O2 bungs for easy wideband hook up.


Spec V MAF Adapter

The Treadstone mass air flow adapter manufactured for the Spec V kit was specificaly designed to seal under high boost pressures, and incorporates a bead rolled lip to keep couplers from blowing off and a rubber gasket.


Spec-V Intercooler Pipe P3

Building your own piping kit for the Spec-v? you can now purchase intercooler pipes separately.


Spec-V Intercooler Pipe P4

Building your own piping kit for the Spec-v? you can now purchase intercooler pipes separatelty.


Spec-V Intercooler Pipe P5

Driver side up pipe for the Spec-v


Spec-V Intercooler Pipe P6

Passenger side intercooler pipe u pipe


Spec-V Intercooler Pipe P7

Spec-v turbo to filter pipe


Spec-v Intercooler Pipe P8

Spec-v throttle pipe


Nissan Sentra SER Spec-V Cat Back Exhaust 02-06

02-06 Nissan Sentra SER Spec-V cat Back Exhaust System. Brand new release from Treadstone Performance, a full 3" Catback exhaust system for for your 02-06 Nissan Sentra SER Spec-V. Specifically design for Forced induction applications, this is the only 3" exhaust system available for the 02-06 Nissan Sentra Spec-V


Nissan Sentra Spec V Turbo Manifold

We designed the first ever cast stainless steel turbo manifold introduced to the market back in 2006! This manifold set trends for many companies to follow in the turbocharging industry. The Nissan Sentra Spec V SER, QR25DE Turbo manifold! With over 150 units sold, we continue to raise the bar in turbocharging technology!


Nissan/Infiniti Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump

One of the leading original equipment fuel pump suppliers, Walbro fuel pumps set the industry standard for quality and dependability. Walbro has entered into the performance world with the hottest selling and most frequently used performance pumps on the market.


02-03 Jim Wolf Technologies Nissan Sentra Reflash

We no longer offer the turbonetics reflash as an options for 02-03 spec-V's. The best tuning solution for these years is the Jim Wolf reflash. ECU reflash SER SPEC V 02-03 M/T, turbo, 630cc injector, OEM QR25DE MAF, top speed limiter removed (must specify C.R., with our without NATS, rev limit and fuel octane level)


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