Nissan 350z Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump

One of the leading original equipment fuel pump suppliers, Walbro fuel pumps set the industry standard for quality and dependability. Walbro has entered into the performance world with the hottest selling and most frequently used performance pumps on the market.


Turbonetics 350z Replacement Pipe 21200 Wastegate Dump

Turbonetics Replacement Pipe 21200 Wastegate Dump tube. This is the pipe that has failed in the past, anyone that needs a replacement pipe, we have many in stock!


Turbonetics 350z Dual Dump Tube Replacement Pipe 21824

21284 350Z G35 Turbonetics Dual Dump Tube Replacement Pipe. After the wastegate relocation, this pipe will convert the 2 pipes into one heavy duty piece.


Turbonetics 350Z AC Line Replacement

Turbonetics 350Z AC Line, Replacement. This is the same AC line used in the G35 and 350Z Turbo kit that we sell. Our lines are now coming with dual layer heat wrap for extra protection. One layer of taped heat wrap with foil, and extra layer of DEI cool tube.


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