Garrett Turbocharger Turbo Rebuild Kit

New Garrett Turbocharger Rebuild Kit T3 T4 PLUS Complete Internal component kit plus clamp/bolt set, and gaskets that will allow you to rebuild your own turbo and bolt it back up! Will rebuild any T3 turbocharger(Ford, Saab, Volvo, Mercedes) and any after market T3/T4 hybrid turbo. Don't pay more for other kits that have less parts!! Includes all items as pictured. Kit value over $134.50 Made in the USA


Turbo CHRA Rebuild Kit

Garrett, Turbonetics, journal bearing rebuild kit with center cartridge. This is for customers wanting to rebuild a turbo that are in need of a new center section.


Turbonetics T3 Big Shaft Turbo Bearings

Brand New Turbo Bearings. Turbonetics Bearings come in set of two, for rebuilding your the newer big shaft Turbonetics turbo bearings. These are Journal bearing, not Ball bearing


Turbonetics F1 Turbine Wheels

Turbonetics utilizes 713C inconel for all of its turbine wheels. 713C inconel is a nikel based super alloy that is much stronger and has a greater temperture threshold than most other turbine wheel materials. Turbonetics F1-series turbine wheels are 10-bladed with tall-tip height, designed to maximize the exhaust gas energy and keep back pressures low.


Turbonetics Compressor Wheels

Turbonetics Compressor Wheels


Turbonetics Rebuild Kit

All parts needed to rebuild Turbonetics Turbochargers.


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