Turbosmart FCD-1 (pneumatic)

These Turbosmart FCD-1 pneumatic boost fuel cut adjusters allow for an accurate increase in the factory fuel cutout level without the need for cutting or splicing wires or affecting off-boost conditions. They are designed for use on most turbocharged engines using a MAP sensor. The adjusters can be locked to prevent tampering and include the necessary hose, fitting, and mounting bracket for installation.


Turbosmart FCD-2 (electronic)

These Turbosmart FCD-2 electronic boost fuel cut adjusters are designed to alter the output of a factory 5 V MAP sensor or AFM at an adjustable level to accurately raise the factory fuel cut point. They feature LED indicators for an easy setup and have an adjustable release, ensuring that you retain the safety of having a fuel cut to protect your engine from over-boosting. The Turbosmart FCD-2 electronic boost fuel cut adjusters are suitable for most turbocharged cars and are designed to be used in conjunction with a Turbosmart boost controller.


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