Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve for all 2014-2015 Fiesta STs.   If you�re looking for the perfect blow off valve, then look no further! Turbosmart has introduced the all-new Kompact Shortie Blow Off Valve, specifically designed for your 2014-2015 Fiesta ST! This blow off valve turns any lazy Sunday afternoon drive into a blast.   This Turbosmart Blow Off Valve is a direct replacement for your stock blow off valve which is quiet and restrictive. The Kompact Shortie Dual Port BOV will provide you with better boost response and superior boost handling capabilities.   The Dual Port design of this BOV offers you responsive flow, thus allowing air to be vented to the atmosphere for sound. If you�re looking for that awesome turbo �whoosh� sound, then look no further than this Turbosmart BOV. Without tripping any sensors on your ECU, this Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve will have everyone around you turning their heads looking for that awesome turbo noise.   Includes: - Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve - Straight and Banjo Nipples - Mounting Screws - Spring Clamps - Instructions   Each BOV from Turbosmart is machined in-house out of solid billet aluminum. The factory plastic BOVs can become brittle and crack over time. This BOV from Turbosmart ensures the longevity of your motor with the use of light-weight brass and aluminum. Being the most responsive BOV on the market, it�s capable of handling over 30 PSI of boost!   The smaller dimensions of the new Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve make it a breeze to install and it fits a wide range of applications. Making things even easier, each BOV is supplied with both a swivel banjo nipple and a straight nipple, meaning you can modify the BOV to better suit your specific set-up and application. Also, larger o-rings have been fitted in the base to make installation easier than ever.   Turn your hot hatch into an all-out street machine with the large selection of Ecoboost parts offered by CJ Pony Parts from some of the top name brands in the industry available for you to pick up today!   Order a Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve for your 2014-2015 Fiesta ST from CJ Pony Parts today!
Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
TS-0203-1066 Turbosmart $242.99/ea
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