These injectors flow 1600 cc/min at 43.5 PSI ( 3 BAR ) and are fully compatible with alternate fuels and alcohol! Some websites may refer to their flow rating as 160 lb/hr or 150 lb/hr or 1680 cc/min Bosch Low Impedance Injectors. Frequently used in racing, flex fuel applications and alternate fuel applications, these low impedance injectors combine extremely high flow rates with excellent response at low pulse widths! This allows you to use a larger injector than normally possible without hurting idle and low speed driveability.

These injectors are able to function at high fuel pressures and donít exhibit the high fuel pressure handling problems found with many other high flow high-impedance injectors. This makes these injectors very well suited to turbocharged and supercharged applications that see high fuel system pressures.

Genuine, reliable, new Bosch Injectors Excellent response characteristics Robust Design Low Impedance

Specifications: Coil Resistance: 4.5 Ohms / Low Impedance Static Flow Rate @ 43.5PSI ( 300kPa ) w/Gas: 1600 cc/min = 152 lb/hr

Connector: Bosch EV1

Equivalent Part Numbers:

Bosch 0280150842 - 0 280 150 842
Cross Reference Bosch 0280150846
Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
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