MAF sensor flange found on the Chevy Malibu, Colorado, and Hummer H3. This is a very popular MAF flange with high performance tuning companies such as Lingenfelter Performance. This flange is used as an upgrade on many GM and Chevy Corevette applications when you want to run a Big MAF housing and use a high performance reliable tunable MAF sensor. The frequency type mass air sensor found on the Corvette is inadequate under high engine output applications.

We have done the homework, and you can purchase this MAF sensor using these part #'s below...
-AC delco part # 213-1585
-AIRTEX 5S6717
-A1 Cardone 74-50043

Please note: Arrow position on MAF flanges may be oppositte from air flow in some cases, make sure maf sensor is positioned correctly with air flow before welding sensor.
Part # Description Color Size Price Qty.  
MAFC35 Chevy Malibu, Colorado, and Hummer H3 MAF Flange Adapter $41.95/ea
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