The Use of E85 has raisin in popularity in the past few years so much that many of the sanctioning body in motorsports are conceding removing it as an alternative fuel and reclassifying it so that it may run alongside its regular gasoline counter parts. With all of the positive side effects of running with E85 it a wonder why aren’t more turbocharging enthusiast making the switch.

Many may argue it the difficulty of finding compounds that can safely run E85 without the dreaded gumming and decay associated with it. As many of you may have heard the rumors of Walbro releasing an E85 compatible version of the 39/50 DC/SS pump many people have come to know as the 400LPH pump (P/N: F90000262) well Treadstone Performance Engineering is proud to announce the rumors were true and the E85 Version of the 39/50 DC/SS pump was released in Spring (P/N: F90000267). This new pump will be fully E85 compatible in comparison to the F90000262.

In overall appearance the pump dimensions are the same, for the F90000267 unit to be used in E85 Walbro took a number of steps most notably being all electrical connections were sealed, and a built in electrical harness with a female Packard connector attached to the far end of the unit. There will also be a release of the male Packard connector with flying leads so there will be no chance of a reverse wiring error while keeping the connection sealed. Walbro also changed the chemical composition and setting process of the polymers used in the construction of the unit to allow them to resist the plastic decay associated with E85, as well as the metal coating used to protect the outside of the case.

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