How it’s Made : The Mitsubishi EVO Edition


Mitsubishi is giving its ​Lancer Evolution a final send-off with the Final Edition. Only 1,000 examples were made, they were manual-shift only, and all of them stayed in Japan.

Mitsubishi recently released this video of the Evo Final Editions being made at the Mitsubishi factory in Mizushima, Japan. Even though nobody on the ​R&T ​staff speaks a lick of Japanese, we still enjoyed the video.

The order and speed at which the cars are produced is mesmerizing. Seeing ordinary sheets of metal bent and crafted into the familiar vented hood is amazing. And seeing the entire engine block being mounted into the car is nothing short of satisfying. Take a look—it’s six and a half minutes of mechanical bliss.


Original Article: Here

Written by: Kristen Lee

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