The Turbonetics Raptor BOV is now Treadstone Performance Exclusive!

The Raptor blow off valve sets the standard for all other blow off valves! Best unit on the market today. Incredible sound! Can be set up to blow off or bypass boost (this means it can be used on cars with MAF sensors). Great for high boost applications! Dual port design allows for light spring pressure that allows for super fast response, the second port insures valve stays closed even under high boost! Features a 38mm (1.50″) valve. Includes valve, polished horn, O-ring seal, vacuum fittings and hardware. 1-Year Warranty. Made in the USA. Being one of Turbonetics top distributors, we are able to provide you a with the Raptor Blow off valves at excellent prices. This Blow off valve kit does not come with all the extra flanges and weld flanges that most people do not need. We already manufacture Pre-welded aluminum adapter pipes that work perfect with this BOV for easy custom installation, as well as the weld flanges.
30+ psig High Boost, Dual Port Design
Fully Polished
1.50″ 38mm valve
Adjustable Preload
Sealed Valve Stem
O-Ring Sealed Valve Seat
“Blow Off” or “Bypass” setup

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