C12060R FMIC Race Core




This Core is the newest addition to our R-Rated product line. The C1260R is also our thickest core (6″ inches). Here are some specs.

C1260R Specs:

  • 1,715 HP Efficient
  • 2,575CFM Efficient
  • 22″ x 6″ x 12″
  • Horizontal flow

These numbers when compared to the normal C1260 is rated for 1,300 HP and 2,000 CFM. With 22 internal passage ways compared to 18, this core allows higher internal flow and less pressure drop. These cores are mainly used on fully-built, high flowing, low or high boost applications.

These Rated-R cores are commonly found on ‘purpose-built’ race cars where the ambient airflow entering the core can be maximized; this optimization allows for greater flow/efficiency of cooling airflow and allows us to reduce the ambient channel height and add this to the charge side, hence increasing the Charge Airflow for higher CFM and Horsepower capabilities.



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