The same partnership that brought you the ID1300 is offering a host of new products for 2014 and beyond.

First up is a larger injector to fill the gap between the ID1300, and the ID2000.  Targeting the 1700 cc/min range, designed specifically for alcohol and extremely high flow gasoline use, this new injector will be packaged in the same 34mm length body as the ID850, ID1300, and ID2000, allowing fitment in nearly any application.  Initial performance testing is expected to be completed in late December.

Moving on to fuel delivery, we will be working together to bring current technology to the challenge of supplying fuel to your injectors.  The market is currently flooded with Chinese look-alike pumps that suffer from poor reliability, cavitation, and low efficiency.  Current Bosch technology is light years ahead, and even the venerable 044 is old news compared to what they can do now.  2014 will bring newly designed quiet, reliable, efficient, cavitation resistant pumps.


Also in the works is the Injector Dynamics/Bosch Motorsport brushless motor fuel pump for the ultimate in high pressure, high flow fuel systems.  The unique design of the brushless motor means big flow from a small package, and also allows easy speed control via PWM, CAN Bus, or variable voltage, offering compatibility with OE control signals.

Direct injection is here, and we’re on it.  The very first offering is a drop in replacement pump for the Ford EcoBoost offering a substantial increase in flow capability.  By the time you figure out how to make use of all that, high flow injectors will follow, as well as upgraded pumps and injectors for other Bosch based GDI systems.

We haven’t forgotten those of you in the GM market.  With the release of the 2014 Corvette, we are working on upgraded pumps, as well as a Bosch based injector solution.

Most importantly, as with previous products, we are not looking to offer another run of the mill product to an already crowded market, we are working to offer unique products to solve real world problems.


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