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Today Treadstone Performance would like to highlight one of today’s leaders in Injector technology and announce their new product release. Deatsch Werks known for its line of complete PNP injectors and Fuel components has released their new 2200cc injectors Deatsch Werks knowns that flow balance is highly critical for huge injectors. Which is why Deatsch Werks flow balances their sets at 5 different pulse widths and then documents the data with a custom report…

DW2200 Highlights:

• E85 Compatible!
• OE Bosch EV14 injectors now with DW testing, matching, and data
• Flow matched at 5 different pulse-widths! (low, middle, high)
• Drop-in Fitment for 350Z/370Z, G35/G37, RB25DET NEO, and R35 GTR
• DW’s industry leading 1-year comprehensive warranty.
• 2200cc per injector! @ 43.5psi fuel pressure
• Not compatible with MTBE oxygenated fuels

Subaru Top Feed
2007-12 Legacy GT
2007-12 STi
2002-12 WRX

1995-99 Eclipse/DSM
2007-12 EVO X
2003-06 EVO 8/9

1992-00 Civic B/D/H
2002-12 Civic Si
1999-09 S2000

2003-12 350z/370z
2007-12 R35 GT-R
1998-02 Skyline NEO RB25DET
Infiniti 2003-12 G35/G37

2002-06 RSX
2004-09 TSX
1991-01 Integra B/D/H

2003-09 SRT-4

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