Treadstone is on the bleeding edge of automotive innovation once again, this time conquering the Scion FR-S with our all-new Diesel-Electric Hybrid Twin-Turbo All-Wheel-Drive conversion! Our innovative engineers use in-wheel electric motors to power the front wheels, with each motor being independent of each other, allowing each motor to deliver maximum torque whenever it is needed, especially in those tight Touge corners! The addition of small twin-turbos (Borg Warner EFR 6258 turbos) means that the fossil fuel side of things gets a bump too. The Borg Warner EFR 6258 is the smallest turbo available from Borg Warner, however it has features that maximize it’s racing potency, with built-in recirculation and wastegate valves, built-in oil restrictor, water cooling, and ball bearings to reduce friction and oiling requirements. Despite it’s small size, each 6258 is capable of helping the motor produce up to 400 HP, and there’s two of them! The turbos blow at a maximum boost pressure of 18 psi into the high-compression 2.0 L Subaru-developed Boxer motor, which has been converted to run on diesel fuel. This was no easy task, as our engineers had to design a new fuel system to ensure that the diesel fuel burns appropriately, however our expert tuners were able to make the motor handle the increased detonation caused by the oil-burning conversion. To help keep things cool, we fitted a Treadstone Intercooler to reduce intake temps to make sure you’re boosting maximum pressure with minimum temperature.

With the complete Stage 4 conversion, our Diesel-Electric Hybrid Twin-Turbo All-Wheel-Drive kit will increase your FR-S’s power output to 500 HP at maximum boost, and when the electric motors run at full tilt, you get a whopping 750 HP and 1,200 lb-ft of tire-shredding torque. This is enough to make the FR-S scream to 60 in just 2.5 seconds.

Pricing for the Stage 1 kit starts at $7,500, and can go up to $45,000 when you opt for the full Stage 4 kit.

The kit will be available for purchase in June of 2013.

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